jimmbaratt_0 needs to be shamed, arrested, and sued for listing this Illegal Fake Replica Audemars Piguet Royal Oak.  Here is the link:  Click Here to see and report this Illegal replica Royal Oak

He is located in:  Irvine, CA

Selling replica watches is Illegal.  It is a Crime in the State of California, and it is also a separate, more serious Crime under United States Federal Law.  jimmbaratt_0 can also be sued by Audemars Piguet.

Here is a screenshot for Law Enforcement and Lawyers to use as evidence:

Replica Audemars Piguet Royal Oak - Illegal

This seller, tanne-barnh, on ebay is listing a 114060 Submariner fake.  114060s do not have a date and also do not have a cyclops.  However, there is so much more wrong with this watch.  It is a horrible fake Submariner.  The current bid is at $3550.  fakewatchbusta has reported this item.  The seller is located in Winter Garden, FL.  Florida law enforcement seems to enjoy making busts and then publicizing the busts to help take a bite out of Crime.  Report this guy to the local Winter Garden police asap.  Also report tanne-barnh to the FBI and GAF (attorneys for Rolex).

Here is a link to the offending listing:  Illegal Counterfeit Rolex Submariner

Here is a screen shot of this illegal replica Rolex Submariner currently for sale on ebay:

illegal replica 114060 Rolex Submariner


Item Located in:  Hopkinton, Massachusetts

This is an illegal Hublot Big Bang.  It is being sold as a replica.  Being sold as a replica makes no difference to the fact that this watch is a counterfeit.  This watch bears counterfeit Hublot Trademarks.  This guy needs to go to jail.  Report him to the local police, FBI, and Hublot.

Here is a screenshot to memorialize this crime for purposes of Law Enforcement and for Civil Litigation:

Click on the link or the screen shot to view this item and report it to ebay.

replica Hublot for sale on ebay


This is yet another Crime being committed on ebay.  emark0128 is located in Faith, NC and is selling an illegal fake replica Hublot Big Bang Chronograph on ebay.  emark0128 is committing a serious Federal Crime and is violating the rules on ebay.  Report this seller to local Police, the FBI, and Hublot as soon as possible.  Don't let this scumbag get away with selling an illegal replica watch.  Bust this fool.

Here is a link to the listing:  Click Here to View and Report this Illegal Wristwatch

Here is the screenshot as proof that this Crime is currently occurring:

fake illegal replica Hublot watch


http://ebay.to/2EELfeW This is an illegal, fake, replica, countefeit Hublot Big Bang listed on ebay.  This listing is in violation of ebay rules and is also a criminal violation of Law.  This item needs to be removed from ebay and the seller needs to be prosecuted. ebay seller name is carcue_4dse0n  - fakewatchbusta recommends never buying anything from a seller who sells fakes.  Click on the screen shot or the link to see the listing in all its glory.  Make sure to report it.


fake Hublot watch on ebay

Parisazz might have a cool name for ebay, but the seller is a Criminal who is selling an illegal replica watch which is a Federal Crime and a Crime in most states.  Parisazz is located in Glendale, CA.  Report this fake Hublot Big Bang to the local cops, FBI, and Hublot.  If you spot other fakes, always reach out to fakewatchbusta.

Don't buy anything ever from parisazz... Why support a blatant Criminal's business?

Here is a link to the listing:  parisazz illegal replica Hublot Big Bang on ebay

And here is the requisite screenshot for use in Prosecution and Lawsuit:

parisazz on ebay - seller of illegal fake Hublot Big Bang watch


This watch is completely wrong.  

Selling replica watches is Illegal, but when you sell them for a high dollar amount and as genuine, you can also look at theft and fraud charges in addition to the trademark counterfeiting charges.  

So wrong in so many ways lmao

Here is the screenshot for prosecution of this crook.

replica Rolex being sold as Gen on ebay


Here is the link:  Click Here to see and report this Illegal Panerai watch

Ebay seller justinthewatchguy ought to know better than to be selling illegal fake watches.  Justin... It is a CRIME and you can ALSO be sued by the Trademark Holder (Panerai).  Report this watch to the Police, FBI, and Panerai so Justin can face the penalties he deserves for trafficking in items bearing Counterfeit Trademarks.

Also click on the link to report this item to ebay so it will be taken down and his account will possibly get suspended.

Here is screenshot to memorialize this listing for purposes of prosecution and lawsuit.  Enjoy your day, Justin.  Now start looking over your shoulder for the cops.  Don't buy anything from a guy who is selling fakes.  He is a criminal.

justinthewatchguy illegal replica panerai on ebay

Here is the link:  http://ebay.to/2Fw5Ym3

This watch is illegal as an item bearing counterfeit trademarks, but it takes it a step further by charging a huge amount for a super cheap fake Rolex.  This watch is pure junk.  So much is wrong with it.  Click the link or screen shot to report it.  Hopefully this scam artist will get kicked off ebay.  The seller's username is: dmario402 -  I recommend never doing business in the future with someone who is selling a fake watch.  Watch Out for dmario402

fake rolex by dmario402 on ebay


What is the problem?  People are reporting the sellers of these fake watches, yet they keep getting posted over and over and over again.  It is an epidemic in all major cities and many other Craigslist locations.  Why can't CL just fix this?  I'll tell you why.  Craigslist is a great place for Law Enforcement, Private Investigators, and IP Attorneys to make Cases and prosecute or sue the perpetrators.  The media doesn't pick up on most of the Lawsuits and Arrests for fake watches, but Arrests and Lawsuits happen with surprising frequency.  If you are one of the sellers of fake watches online, you can bet you're being investigated and a case is being built against you.  They may let you go on for 6 months or year to build up the number of Counts/Charges against you, but that's not all...  The difference between Concurrent and Consecutive Sentences is if you are charged with several Crimes during one act, you can get a Concurrent Sentence... meaning if you get 2 years for one charge and 1 year for another charge and another year for another charge all for let's say trademark infringement, fraud, theft... those Sentences can all run at the same time.  Now if you sell a watch one week and a watch the next week and so on and so forth for 6 months, the Judge can force your Sentences to be Consecutive because those were separate Crimes committed on different days without relation to one another.

So you can look at major time for selling fakes.  Be smart and destroy them and by the way... Contact the cops, the Feds, fakewatchbusta, and GAF to report sellers of replica watches.

Here is a screenshot taken from Los Angeles Craigslist today.

Fake Watches - Replica Watches on Craigslist - aka illegal watches

This "Rolex" is not a Presidential.  It does not have the day window at the 12:00 position.  And the dial reads "DateJust."  Funny thing is... DateJusts never come with that kind of bracelet... a Presidential bracelet.  The diamond bezel is not genuine Rolex.  Dial looks wrong.  GAWD AWFUL UGLY.  Not a real Rolex.  It is wrong.  Rolex doesn't make anything like this watch.  Rolex would consider Leonard Fournette's watch to be Counterfeit. LMAO at this poser.

Screen shot attached.  Leonard Fournette is ridiculed.  #pretenda #fakewatchbusta #shame

Leonard Fournette fake Rolex

Leonard Fournette Fake Rolex on TMZ

fake Rolex owner Leonard Fournette lol


GRESHAM, Ore. — A Gresham pawn shop helped police catch a man trying to sell a Rolex believed to be from a smash-and-grab heist of expensive watches out of the Seattle area, KPTV in Portland reported Monday.

The heist happened on Dec. 23, 2017 at the Ben Bridge Jeweler in downtown Seattle.

The TV station said Gresham police said they were called to Silver Lining Jewelry and Loan on Jan. 11, that a man was trying to pawn a watch that might have been stolen.

Police said a 47-year old man came into the shop to pawn a $36,000 watch. An employee recognized the watch and called police.

Officers said four more watches were also recovered.

Josh Oller, the owner of Silver Lining Jewelry and Loan, told KPTV that they were alerted by their counterparts at the Washington State Pawnbrokers Association to be on the lookout for stolen watches.


Click Here to view and report this atrocity

Clearly this watch has a Vietnamese "refinished" dial.  These "refinished" dials are produced in very high quantities.  In other words, they aren't "refinished," they are falsely claimed to be refinished.  This watch has a counterfeit dial and a fake Rolex case, crown, bezel, and bezel insert.

Screenshot below provided for Law Enforcement, Gibney, Anthonthy, & Flaherty, and those who would like to report this watch to ebay.  This watch and others like it can seriously erode consumer confidence in the vintage Rolex marketplace... which will then devalue the newer Rolex marketplace.  The seller is:  theeblade and is located in:  Phoenix, AZ USA.

counterfeit Rolex Submariner on ebay 6538



This is an illegal Rolex YachtMaster listed on ebay.  Help get this listing shut down by clicking on the link or the screenshot and then reporting it to ebay.  The Seller, ledz558, is located in Santa Fe, New Mexico.  This seller is committing a Crime by selling this item.  Help bring this clown to justice.  fakewatchbusta also recommends never conducting any business with an individual or company that is in the business of selling items bearing counterfeit trademarks.  Avoid ledz558 like the plague.

Here is the screenshot for help in prosecuting and filing a lawsuit against ledz558:

fake Rolex YachtMaster


Aventura, FL - Cops are looking for a a young woman who was captured by surveillance camera in very little clothing escaping from an Aventura condominium after stealing a Rolex timepiece according to local Police.

According to the cops, the crime victim was a twenty-one year-old man who met the young lady in South Beach, and brought her back to his condominium for some fun lol.

According to the Police report, the young lady took a shower with the man she would later victimize and then snuck out... snagging his Rolex wristwatch which was worth approximately $11,000 according to the man's father. The man's father stated that the Rolex was a family heirloom gift to the young man for his 21st birthday.  Click the image to watch the video.

half naked female rolex thief in Florida 

Video from December, 22 showed the woman hurriedly sneaking off while wearing only a bra and some sort of undergarment that looks as if it was to enhance the size of her butt and hips. Perhaps this undergarment was part of a disguise?

Cops stated there was also surveillance footage of the woman in an elevator putting on her bra. That bra-less video has yet to be released. Officers are surely enjoying a good laugh while reviewing the footage repeatedly lol.

*** Update:  01-18-2018 1:39 pm - This seller has listed another listing for the same watch.  Does he have more than one of these fakes?  Usually sellers of fakes have an inventory to sell.  Here is the link to the new listing.   http://ebay.to/2D9EzVq  The previous piece sold.  Shut this guy down!

Here is the link to this trademark infringing illegal item:  http://ebay.to/2mDDDmj

Click on the link to report the item.  The seller is patrickdervishi1.  fakewatchbusta recommends never doing any business with someone who is selling fakes.  If the seller is selling an illegal item, what other things might the seller be doing in violation of the Law?  This seller is located in Livonia, Michigan.

Selling items bearing counterfeit trademarks is a serious Crime.  Help get this guy locked up and sued by GAF (Lawyers for Rolex).

Here is the screen shot for the purpose of aiding in prosecution of this individual.

fake rolex kermit 16610 listed on ebay by patrickdervishi1



Fools... listen up... replica watches are illegal.  This seller, eastcoast-hobbies, is committing a Federal Crime; a Crime in the State of New Jersey, and is now subject to a Lawsuit by GAF (attorneys for Rolex) by selling this illegal, counterfeit, fake Rolex on ebay.  This Rolex DateJust is a replica.  Replicas are considered to be "items bearing counterfeit trademarks" under State and Federal Law.  fakewatchbusta highly recommends never buying anything from a seller such as eastcoast-hobbies who is selling an illegal item.  Who knows what other Crimes this seller is committing... smh

Screenshot provided to memorialize this Crime for Law Enforcement and IP Attorneys.

Click on the link above or the screen shot to see the item and report it to ebay.

fake rolex replica datejust



The number of counterfeit watches confiscated by Swiss customs officials has plummeted by around 80% from the beginning of 2017 through the end of 2017, according to the Swiss watch industry.  fakewatchbusta would like to take all the credit, but the credit is to be shared amongst vigilant individuals such as Gladiator on therolexforums.com, Rolex_Enforcer, and more publicity about arrests and the illegality of fakes.


Illegal counterfeit replica Fake watches smashed by steam roller

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